About Us

Objects to educate and assist young persons through their Leisure Time Activities so to develop their physical mental and spiritual capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individual and members of Society that their condition of life may be improved. Membership will be open to teenage boys and girls regardless of colour class or creed...

By taking Teenagers on overseas camping expeditions to the more remote parts of overseas Countries, where they will meet and associate with the local population and learn about their real way of life l In small towns off the normal tourists trails .Learn about Their religions . Perhaps attend a Local Church Service. Visit Schools, Police Fire and Coast guard stations That emphasis will be on taking young people, at an age where they have the enthusiasm and curiosity off youth to enjoy exploring; perhaps the old wagon trails of the wild West and who have NOT been in trouble with the Law but come from difficult home circumstances a . They will have to raise a token sum of money to participate .to show personal effort. That by learning to work as a team and the arts of Safe and secure Wild Camping. They will develop their Initiative, Leadership Qualities. That in Adult Life will be -recognised by potential Employers, and work opportunities. .As young men could do in the days of Empire. With the Award of a Certificate of self-Survival

The Expeditions will use the knowledge contained in Baden Power's Scouting for Boys, 2008 and will learn basic camping skills. No camping gas cookers. Light a fire with only 3 matches. No radio, mobile phones or iPods. Make up their own theme Songs... Fish for their supper, catch and skin a rabbit. Bake potatoes in the ashes of the camp fire .Construct \a tripod for cooking. When weather permits sleep round the camp fire. Learn to work as a team and respect other’s viewpoint. That I will be using my experience as an Ex Senior Scout Leader and “Wood Badge” holder, and experience at Gilwell Park, which I never forgot, my old Senior Scout Patrol is shown in the photograph of our £75 Land rover

We will also be using our deep wading Land rover mit Snorkel to provide a flood and snow weather rescue service in the New Forest as I personally did as Venturers Search and Rescue 24/7 as perhaps our main service of Youth helping the Community.

Captain Philip Pearce-Smith MBE VSC

There can be no greater award in life than devoting one’s time and effort into the advancement and future of British Youth